Scaler SDE Internship Interview Experience

2 min readDec 14, 2021

How did I apply?

They opened job applications at the start of November for a 6 months internship for final year students. We had to directly apply from their careers page, no referrals were needed.

At the end of November, I got a call for the 1st round of interviews.

1st Technical Round

I prepared myself for DSA as well as the fundamental subjects of CS. Initially, we gave an introduction to each other. Told me to solve a problem regarding maximum subarray sum and submit it to their interviewbit platform. It passed all the test cases. I was done explaining and solving within 10 minutes.

After that he started asking about joins in SQL, what are indexes in SQL? Also, I had mentioned DynamoDB in my resume. And he also had worked with it. So we had a discussion about the basics of it(Local Secondary Index vs Global Secondary Index, hashing in sort key). Later, as I had done my projects in React. Asked about Virtual dom, why I would use React compared to vanilla js, why use redux if we already have inbuilt Context API, why we create new objects while updating state in redux and not updating it by mutation, and also some questions which I don’t remember as of now.

After that some js output questions based on event loops, callback queue, and microtask queue. At the end of the interview, I was given a take-home assignment to build an interview creation portal within 24 hours. I was asked to upload the code on Github and deploy it on AWS or Heroku.


The next day after submitting an assignment, I received the call that I will be having the next round.

2nd Technical Round

Asked me to explain the functionalities of the assignment, covering all the edge cases. Asked me whether I am comfortable in the frontend or backend. Told him the front end. Gave two features to implement live. He judged my knowledge about React, my decision-making about using certain features, and how confident I am. Also, how I am naming my variables and using functions. Received a call that I have cleared the round.

Cultural Fitment Round with CTO

It was a 10–15 minutes round, trying to get to know me better. Why do I want to do the internship? What are my goals? Explain one project which I am proud of, and why I am proud of it. One thing I liked the most in my previous internship and one thing I disliked about it.

Result and Views

Got an email that I am selected for the internship after 2 days. It was definitely one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of mine among all the interviews I have given this year for other companies.

Preparation Tips

Be prepared to answer questions regarding the tech stack you have mentioned in your projects and internship. In the 1st round, they might ask more DSA questions also, so be prepared for it. They hire guys having development as well as DSA proficiency.

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